Brighten your complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots with new plant stem cell therapy.

Lighten and Brighten the Appearance of Your Skin Tone with LightenMe!

Adonia LightenMe uses the power of rejuvenating plant stem cell therapy and a blend of 21 organic essential oils from the Greek Island of Crete to restore a youthful, flawless complexion naturally. This clinically proven serum gently and effectively fades the appearance of age spots and hyper-pigmentation. With continued use, you can brighten your entire complexion by up to 62.84% in just 14 days.

Clinical Results

  • 62.84% improvement in skin brightness in just 14 days
  • 87.97% improvement in skin brightness in 28 days

How It Works

In addition to the aging process itself, genetics, long-term sun exposure, medications hormonal changes, and even skincare products can cause the pigment-producing cells in our skin to go haywire. When these cells produce too much melanin, the pigment that gives our skin its color, the results can be hyper-pigmentation in the form of stubborn age spots or dark patches. Other woman may be less concerned with dark spots, but instead have the desire for an overall lighter complexion.

Rather than address these issues with costly laser treatments, painful chemical peels or prescription drugs, Adonia LightenMe uses powerful plant stem cells that naturally brighten the look of your skin. With ongoing use, you get the brighter, younger-looking skin you want without harsh chemicals like hydroquinone or side effects like sun sensitivity and irritation.

How To Use

Apply Adonia LightenMe in the morning and at night. To fade the appearance of age spots and dark patches, apply the serum only on problem areas. To brighten your overall complexion, apply Adonia LightenMe in the morning and at night in place of your regular day and night creams. For optimal results, use sunscreen daily.


Adonia LightenMe contains NO PARABENS, NO CHEMICALS and NO DRUGS.

Adonia LightenMe also contains organic ingredients and natural plant stem cells along with a potent blend of 21 organic essential oils and botanicals used on the Greek Island of Crete.

These natural Aegean herbs are captured through traditional techniques and then formulated with cutting-edge technology to produce a safe, gentle, effective skin brightener that lightens the appearance of pigment naturally.

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14 days
after treatment
28 days
after treatment
Adonia LightenMe
Percentage improvement brightness of skin

In Strict Clinical Trials
conducted by independent laboratories, Adonia LightenMe™ Serum demonstrated a 46% decrease in the appearance of hair in 21 days! In 6 weeks, there was a 70% decrease in the appearance of hair! -AMA LABORITORIES


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